Finding great tenants is one of the most important aspects of Christchurch property management service. It's not enough to simply list your home and hope for the best. You need to proactively recruit tenants who will pay on time, stay in the property for years, and generally make your life easier by taking care of themselves and not requiring much maintenance.

Finding great tenants.

Finding great tenants is one of the most important tasks in property management. As a landlord, you can't afford to take risks with your tenants. You need to ensure that the people living in your properties are going to be responsible and pay rent on time, as well as take care of them while they live there.

Screening potential tenants.

Screening is an essential part of property management. It allows you to find out if a person is likely to be a good tenant, and it helps ensure that you're not wasting time showing properties to people who aren't going to rent them. A good screening process will include:

  • Checking rental history. This can tell you how reliable the applicant has been in paying their rent on time, and if they've ever been evicted before (which may affect your ability to collect unpaid rent).

  • Checking credit history/score. If there's no credit report available for an applicant or if his/her score is below 600, this could indicate financial problems down the road--and therefore higher risk as far as collecting unpaid rent goes.

  • Employment verification. If someone claims he makes $1 million per year but can't produce pay stubs from his employer showing he earns less than $15K per month, then there's reason for concern about whether or not he'll actually make those payments each month! You should also check references from previous landlords or employers before accepting any tenant application; these references should help paint an accurate picture of what type of person they really are beyond just what their resume says.

Preventing tenant delinquency and evictions.

Tenant delinquency and eviction are two of the most common problems that property managers face. These issues can lead to financial loss for landlords, as well as emotional stress for tenants and property managers alike. To prevent tenant delinquencies and evictions from occurring in your rental units, you need to understand what exactly constitutes each one of these problems.

Providing property maintenance services.

As a property owner, you face a lot of responsibilities. You need to make sure that your tenants are paying rent on time and keeping their homes in good condition. If something breaks or needs repairs, you'll want someone who can fix it for you as quickly as possible.

Property management companies offer many services beyond finding great tenants for your rental properties--they can also provide maintenance services for your properties. These include:

  • Property maintenance (repairs)
  • Remodeling and remodeling coordination
  • Painting, wallpaper removal, and painting touch-ups
  • Landscaping (mowing lawns; planting flowers; edging sidewalks)  Roofing/gutter cleaning & window cleaning


There are many benefits to hiring Christchurch property management to help you find and keep great tenants. As you can see, it's not just about finding someone who will pay rent on time every month--it's also about helping you avoid problems before they happen.